about us

Our Mission

Rewind Videos and More is a project of the Worcester Community Media Foundation.

The Worcester Community Media Foundation (WCMF) engages in community-based media education, production, and promotion for the purposes of expanding the access of media production and literacy for all residents. This is accomplished through workshops, events, training, and employment, including through Rewind Videos and More.

Who We Are

Bill Shaner, Board Chair

Andy Jimison, Board Clerk

Cara Berg Powers, Board Treasurer

Vanessa Calixto, Board Member

Chris Robarge, Board Member

If you’re interested in learning more about serving in a board role or volunteering, check out our contact page!

What We Do

Rewind is the headquarters for the newly formed Worcester Community Media Foundation. In community with Cordella’s Kava and Materia Arcade, we’re a part of a vibrant neighborhood reimagination! Check back here, or follow us on instagram for updates and events like: